The Reliance Approach

At Reliance, we strive to keep things streamlined and simple. Remodeling is complicated enough with all of the details and deadlines. Our process keeps things moving smoothly and keeps our customers happy.

Our Process – Simplified in Two Easy Steps

Step 1
In-Home Initial Consultation: We discuss your ideas and give our input with additional ideas and options. We also discuss budget and feasibility of the project with you during this meeting. We leave with you a general budget amount for your project.

Back to the Drafting Board: If the cost of the project is in your budget after the in-home meeting, we return to our office and put together a detailed project proposal scope. This process will involve detailed action items and allowance amounts for items that will be selected by you.

Step 2
Authentication Confirmation: This is a follow-up meeting at your home (or if requested we will email it to you and then have a phone consultation) to clarify the information and give you a detailed budget and phase breakdown of your project.

Planning Phases: Once the proposal and scope terms are agreed upon, the Reliance team proceeds with planning phases and timelines. Our start times for selections begin immediately and lead times are dictated by those selections and, at that point, we set a schedule. Most bathroom remodels take between two and six weeks depending on the type of project. Reliance’s team will stay in constant communication by appointing one individual to be your liaison and project manager, throughout the entire project. That project manager will be in touch with you on a daily basis and informing you of the next phases in the process. In addition, an owner of the company will check progress of the remodeling project with daily visits to ensure the quality and professionalism of all parts of the project.

Give us a call at (913) 220-2004 to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation.